Looking for Gold

It seems that we are all looking for the next best marketing idea. What are the successful studios doing?  How do I get a piece of the action?

The fact of the matter is that every day that we service another client well in our studios, we are building a little Pot of Gold beneath us called a referral business through our database.

The only problem is that we are so busy looking at what everyone else is doing, and the next best marketing exercise that will only cost X amount of dollars that we fail to see what is directly in front of us. Basically we are our looking for oil somewhere out there, when all we have to do is scrape the surface below us to “get us some gold.” 

Referral marketing leads to qualified leads that know the process and have some idea of how much the photos cost. Most of the client education is done prior to the client contacting us, as their friends who have referred us have done it for us. We just need to ensure we go over it again, so that there is no miscommunication.  The very same client may come back and do it all over again, but for a very different reason next time.

Have you given your clients the tools that they need to refer you some quality business? A voucher perhaps, and a quality brochure that shows your style of imagery.

Have you asked your clients to refer you more business. Most people are happy to refer business your way if you make it easy for them and simply ask them to.

With the lead up to Christmas, now is the perfect time to prepare your Christmas campaign and build your referral business. 

Obviously we need to source our clients from a number of sources, but sometimes we choose to ignore what is obvious and at our fingertips. A database that collects information that makes mining easy, is gold.

 Should you have any questions about increasing your portrait business, please don't hesitate to contact Steve  steve@bondimaging.com

 Portrait Profitability Seminars

With the recent Portrait Profitability Seminars with Steve Saporito in Melbourne and Adelaide, we still have Brisbane and Sydney to come.

Here are a few words of what people have said:

Just wanted to sincerely thank you for bringing Steve to Adelaide.  

The information on increasing sales and profits was the most valuable and insightful information we have seen in a very long time - a great checkup from the neck up!

Anyone who like to make more profit should definitely attend

Thanks again and well done Albums Australia! 

Steve Cordes

Managing Director

Gainsborough Group 

 "...clarity in selling professional photography is what Steve will give you." 

Andrew Harrison

Passion 8 Photography 



There is still time to book click here for the link 

Organise your displays 

Order a 50"x72" lustre print and save 30%


Discount applies from Monday 21st September 2009 thru to Friday 25th September 2009


Direct Output usually $204.60 save 30% = $143.22

Colour Corrected usually $265.10 save 30% = $185.57

New Products

Bond imaging is proud to introduce 2 new products to our range.


Personalised Journals

Available in:

Technical information:

Size: A5

The Journal is a book comprising of a Cover, Plain writing stock (200GSM), images (3x 4 pages), positioned evenly throughout the book.

Input requirements:

6x A3 PDF files laid out with 4x A5 images. Allow 3mm bleed for all A5 images as they will be trimmed individually to add to the Journal.


Adobe 1998

Price $75.00

All that is required to create the Journals are the 6x A3 PDF files with the A5 images laid out.

Bond Imaging will do the rest. 


Glass Image Mounts

Another new and stunning product from Bond Imaging is our Glass Mount Displays. We mount your images directly to glass, so the image becomes transparent. Then light can shine through creating a new and interesting conversation piece.


Sizes for 10mm Glass Mounts with stand (vertical or horizontal) :






Sizes available for 6mm Glass Mount Wall Hangings* (vertical or horizontal) :









*19mm Stainless Steel fittings complete with 30mm body and wall anchor is additional. 


New Options for Bond OnDemand Pro

Bond Imaging has recently added new options when placing orders for printing and mounting using OnDemand Pro

We have simplified the process for you so that it is now much easier to place orders for mounting and non-standard print sizes.

Please click on the links below to see screen shots for different options:

Ordering a print which is not a Standard size or not an option in our product selection click here

Canvas Only, No Stretcher

Canvas with no wraps

Canvas with Wraps

Inkjet Canvas







Textured Overlay

Other Mounting Options


Hints and Tips

Preparing files to send to lab

 AAPP National Seminar

Bond Imaging were proud sponsors of the AAPP National Seminar in July 09.

Two days of inspiration from the following speakers:

Day 1 - Speakers Lisa Saad, Mercury Magaloudis, Gay Campbell & Denis Montalbettti, and Andrew Ashton.

Day 2 – Jerry Ghionis

… provided a thirst for learning and a spirit of sharing.

Congratulations to all award winners, particularly to the following category winners:

National Portrait Photographer - Julie Newcombe
Highest scoring portrait print - Julie Newcombe
National Wedding Photographer - Clive Mcwaters
Highest scoring wedding print - Clive Mcwaters
National Wedding Album Prize - Allison McKellar

Epson Photographer of the Year - Julie Newcombe

A special welcome to newly elected National President – Tim Marcus and thankyou to Luigi D'angelo, the retiring president for all his efforts over the years.

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