Retouching & Restoration  

Focused on achieving realistic results, our dedicated retouching team pride themselves on delivering a professional service to bring out the best in every individual image.

Using large calibrated monitors along with the latest software ensures you get the best result possible, whether it's a simple colour correction, dust/spot removal or a complicated restoration.

Our Retouching & Restoration services offer a variety of options including:



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  File Management  
  Monitor Calibration
To ensure you get accurate and consistent photographic prints it is important to have your monitor calibrated correctly.

Ideally you should calibrate your monitor at least once a month to maintain consistent results. We recommend using the i1 DISPLAY PRO by X-Rite to calibrate your monitor to display colours according to the correct standards.

You can purchase the i1 DISPLAY PRO through Bond Imaging or alternatively, we have hardware on site for our clients to borrow for a small fee. If you are unsure about this process, please contact customer service to discuss. We can arrange for someone to come out and show you how to calibrate your system if required.

File Format
We will accept all file types (including PSD) but they will be converted into 8 Bits/Channel JPEG or TIFF file & RGB with a minimum of 200dpi for printing.

We also recommend keeping file names as short as possible (total limit of 20 characters) and please avoid using special characters i.e. ? " $ *

Colour Space
Ensure your files are set with sRGB, or Adobe 98 colour space.

File Conversion
We are able to convert any type of file formats into JPEG or TIFF for print output, whether it be RAW, Photoshop, illustrator, InDesign, PDF, png and anything in between.
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  File Output  


We can proof your latest wedding or portrait shoot with our digital proofing service saving you valuable time to concentrate on what you do best, capturing beautiful images.

Files are batch corrected to have basic colour and density corrections applied to ensure consistent results throughout the entire order, ready for you to add your own personal style.
Your digital photographic proofs are then printed on quality Kodak Lustre paper with a choice of borders, edges and standard back printing.

Digital Proof Albums

The same batch proofing corrections are applied to your files and are then placed in a Digital Proof album which are available in 4 sizes using any of our standard album templates or your own customised template.
Options Available

Direct Output

At Bond Imaging our efficient direct output service is a very popular way to get quality prints done quickly!

Please ensure that your digital files are prepared to the following specifications…

File Format:

* 'Direct Output' files are not checked for size.
When ordering different sized prints on the same order, to avoid confusion, please group the files in folders based on their respective sizes. Please name the folders with the corresponding sizes. Additionally, if you are ordering more than one type of paper stock, these should be separated also.

Colour Corrected
Our colour corrected service includes colour, brightness, contrast and density corrections, dust spotting and resizing of your file as per your requirements.

If you require any custom digital work such as layouts, retouching or colour matching, our custom digital service caters for all needs. Please enquire with customer service to discuss your options.

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