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Bond Imaging has been printing photographically on Silver halide paper for 44 years. This year the world has been celebrating 175 years of photography, we will continue to print your images on traditional photographic paper as we strongly believe that this process delivers on high end quality and our customer’s expectations. 


We also provide cutting edge digital inkjet services which we provide as an option for our diverse customer base that operate in alternate markets. There appears to be a misconception that photographic prints are of inferior quality and do not possess the same archival properties of inkjet printing. This is a claim we totally refute and Kodak International has gone on record to state that “professional Endura, (silver halide paper AgX), photographs will last between 100 and 200 years before noticeable fading, under normal conditions”.


We refer to the following links on the Kodak website for further information.

Kodak Professional - Paper & Materials 


In terms of quality, the photographic print and transparency remains unsurpassed and with an ongoing commitment by Kodak to invest in this process the papers and film will continue to evolve for today’s ever growing digital world. Bond Imaging is proud to use and endorse the Kodak Endura product, as are the major professional photo labs world-wide.


We recognise that Digital inkjet technology continues to evolve and does form an important part of our business, the diversity of application is critical to many of our clients and markets in which they operate. It’s important for our business to fully service customers and to provide a printing solution that best suits their requirement.  


Bond Imaging will continue to provide customer choice and are committed to investing in Silver Halide (AgX) and Inkjet technology for the foreseeable future.

Best of all your layouts and templates that have taken many years to create and perfect need not change, the size ordered is the size you will receive, no further image bleed is required on your print layouts from Bond Imaging.


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  16x20" Lustre Print Offer  

To celebrate 175 years of photography and our endorsement of the traditional product we are proud to offer the following special offer and would welcome any new client who is discerning on quality and service. 


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Order two

 'Direct Output 16x20" Lustre' prints 

 and receive a 3rd one for free

This is a saving of 33% or $18


Please read the following Direct Output specifications for print setup. 

*offer available until 31st October 2014

*quote code 16x20lustre to claim

*must be made in 1 single order