7 Day Promotion 

Direct Output Ilford True Black and White 40"x50" photographic print  

$127 each 

Available from 12/10/2012 to 19/10/2012 

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*You must use Promo Code ' BW4050 ' during ordering

Select 'Size Options' > select '40"x50" True B&W Special' >

select 'Promo Code' > enter BW4050


Small Soft Cover Books 

We offer small soft cover high gloss perfect bound books consisting of

12 pages (24 sides) printed on 150gsm satin finish papers, similar to our

popular range of photo books.

Small books can be used as giveaways for your favourite clients, as an album for a

small number of photos or as a handy way to your display work related images.

They can be used as a folio to showcase your work to potential clients.

Our clients have found the small books to be a great way to relive and share their

holiday, work or social memories in a stylish and compact manner. 

Small books will cost $ 12.20 per book add 60 cents for each additional page.

Available in sizes - 12cmx12cm, 12cmx16cm, 11cmx14cm and 10x14cm

Turn around time is 10 days 


Image Retouching 

Our image retouching services are well known through out the industry and highly


The services are used commonly by high profile Portrait studios, Commercial rollouts

and also frequently by well known artists and photographers alike.

Our retouching services are categorised within four levels Basic, Medium, High

and Custom

The retouching price is $ 84.00 per hour and normally requires a 3 day turn

around from concept to print. 

Specialised Service

We also provide an ongoing service where you provide your raw image,

standard corrected or retouched images, a summary of internal workflow,

standard Adobe Photoshop or other actions.

We will supply quoted pricing on an overall basis for your regular output.  

We understand today’s Image retouching requirements vary from a straight

forward or minor correction to complex intricate correction, with our attention to

your detail, we will achieve your desired result each time, transforming your

ideas in to beautiful images which you will be proud to print, display and sell. 

Call or email us today and we can get started on achieving your desired results.


'Illuminous Series 40mm Acrylic'

Your files are printed on our stunning Metallic paper and then face mounted to a

40mm polished Acrylic block and finished at the back with a black vinyl.

This high end product has a 3D Metallic effect.

5x5” blocks are perfect for mantle displays, ideal for home, office or as a gift.

Sizes Available:






*Note new Film Processing times

The new processing days will be Tuesdays and Thursdays each week.

All film processing in by 10:30am will be ready after 2pm on these days.


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