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Maximise Your Turn Around Times

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How do I increase my  portrait business?     

How do I get more portrait clients? 

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Bond Imaging specialises in wedding, portrait, school, commercial, corporate, exhibition and display printing, as well as finishing and mounting services. 

We are a progressive lab, offering the latest in technology to cater to all our clients needs. Our committed staff are proud to offer the most extensive range of products coupled with personal customer service.

With two 50” Durst Lambda printers, two RP30 printers, a new Noritsu printer and an Oce Eco-Solvent Printer, we can print on a variety of high quality surfaces and guarantee fast, efficient turn around times, helping you provide your customers timely service in an environment that demands quality, speed and efficiency.

Online ordering saves you time and money, increasing your efficiency and service capabilities to your clients. Our email notifications communicate the arrival and completion of every order, offering you peace of mind that your order is being attended to by our professional team.


Dear valued client,

We have some exciting news for you!

Bond Imaging would like to announce a sensational new service exclusively for our clients.

Introducing Steve Saporito! Steve is our Business Development Manager. He has been working in the Portrait Industry for over 15 years and has owned multiple Portrait Studios and has coached business all over Australia. 

A wealth of knowledge in sales and business development incorporating his NLP training (Neuro Linguistic Programming) allows Steve to unlock potential in everyone. 

His simple methods have assisted Steve to transform businesses all over Australia to redefine what is possible.

Steve's clients have been able to achieve and maintain triple their average sales and substantially increase booking volume. He breathes new life into studios by motivating team members to work with each other and business owners to work on their businesses in a planned, structured, and measured manner.



“After many years in the industry (since 1993) and years before that in direct sales roles, I have never met a man who has had a greater grip on the sales environment in the portrait arena. After a short introduction and a brief discussion, I was so impressed that I enlisted Steve's services to consult to both my staff and myself. I have seen and heard many consultants, coaches and motivators in the past and none have impressed me as much ,in such a short amount of time. Since implementing Steve's techniques and advice we have had an incredible increase to our average sales. Right from the very first portrait session we tripled our average!...and we had a pretty good average, or so I thought. We have continued to do so, repeatedly and consistently. The proof is always in the result. The changes, the motivation, the guida nce, the solutions and the amazing enthusiasm has had the most incredible, positive effect on my business.”

Julian Walker, Studio Max (Ringwood & Mornington)


“Having known Steve Saporito for several years I have come to recognize his brilliance at the coal face of photography. He is a staff motivator / trainer / business coach rolled into one. If you are smart enough to know you don't know everything he can help take your business to the next level of profitability and professionalism. Steve has an innate ability to read people and then maximize their strength to grow your business. With Steve's enthusiasm for people and photography you are guaranteed to maximize your present business and develop a plan for success.”

Leslie Robinson, Starshots Photographic Studio (Highpoint, Southland, and Fountain Gate)

Maximise Your Turn Around Times

At Bond we print on a variety of surfaces, see table below for turnaround times:




Same Day Service *


Same Day Service *


3 Day Service


3 Day Service


3 Day Service


3 Day Service

True Black & White

3 Day Service

Art Paper Smoothtex (Inkjet)

3 Day Service

Art Paper Roughtex (Inkjet)

3 Day Service

Indoor/Outdoor Paper (Inkjet)

3 Day Service

Warm White Canvas (Inkjet)

3 Day Service

Vivid White Canvas (Inkjet)


3 Day Service


All service times are based on Direct Output orders.

* Direct Output Orders received by 10:00am will be printed by 5pm same day.

For further information on our printing and mounting services, please contact our friendly customer service department on 03 9429 1299 or visit our website

New Products

Save Up to 50% On Panoramic Prints    

Bond's new Noritsu printer can not only turn around up to 12” prints quicker, but it can also print panoramic images up to 12”x36” with no trimming and no waste. This means panoramic prints at cheaper prices to you, and we are the only lab in Australia that can provide this service. Available on Lustre and Metallic paper.

Inkjet Canvas and Art Paper

Our Oce Eco-Solvent Injet Printer provides the highest quality inkjet canvas prints in Australia. A selection of art papers are also available to choose from, which can all be printed up to 1500mm wide.

Award Winning Photo Books at Bond

These high quality products feature numerous combinations of papers and covers available for promotional and professional presentation. They feature 20 pages with additional pages available when required. 

You have the freedom to create you own layouts, choose from one of Bond's templates, or have one of our professional design team create one for you. 

Prices range from $33-$120 and includes your selection of size, cover and paper surface. All books are stitch bound to ensure quality and offer the best presentation. 

Bond photo books are printed with the latest technology in high-end inkjet printing on the Kodak Nexpress digital production colour press.  Having achieved both the 2003 BERTL's Best Award for its outstanding technology and performance, and the GATF InterTech Technology Award 2005, the Kodak Nexpress is PANTONE licensed and optimized for PANTONE colour reproduction.

Contact our friendly customer service team for more information about our exciting new products. 

How do I increase my portrait business?

How do I get more portrait clients? 

With the average Wedding consuming approximately 50 work hours from:

  • The initial consultation
  • Another consultation to, sign contracts and organising timing
  • Shooting of the wedding day
  • Download, cropping and editing
  • Preparing for an album plan
  • Presenting the album plan
  • Finalising the album plan – which may need another approval and interview with your client.
  • Completion and delivery of album to the client.

The average portrait shoot by comparison takes approximately 3 hours:

  • Initial marketing letter sent
  • Follow up calls made
  • Booking procedure followed
  • Further follow up calls educating the client
  • The shoot
  • The viewing
  • Crop, cull and preparation of images to view
  • The viewing
  • Delivery of product  

Is it any wonder photographers are trying to source more of their income from Portraiture. 

There are Wedding Photographer’s currently achieving average sales of $7,000 per wedding for their 50 hours work, which means that they are earning their business $140 per hour.

Our humble Portrait Photographer is achieving sales averages of around $2,000 per shoot, earning his business approx $665 per hour.

This means that an average wedding would need to earn you over $30,000 to equate to a Portrait spend.


What do you need to have in place?

1. Ensure that you have premium products on display.

2. Make sure that your product placement is conducive to your selling strategy by identifying prime selling areas in your location and matching product to inspire your clients and avert objections.

3. Give your clients the opportunity to spend thousands of dollars on photography and making it a normal course of business.

4. Plan your imagery so that it will assist you to achieve your budgeted average sale.

5. Ensure that your slide show is set to a speed that your clients are not making buying decisions during the slide show.

6. At every level and every point of contact with your client, educate your client about how to buy photography.

7. Educate your client about the content of every image.

8. Take control and give your clients professional advise on how they should be displaying their images.

9. Find out what your clients true emotional motivation is for buying photography.

10. Give your clients the opportunity to purchase your product today by tapping into their future income ie. Organise financing options that increase your cash flow today and make it easy for your clients to buy today.

11. Follow a process that will guarantee maximisation of every viewing.

12. Remember, the sale commences at your first point of contact with your client. If you wait to start selling in the viewing room you have left your run too late

Should you have any questions about increasing your portrait business, please don't hesitate to contact Steve 


AIPP Sponsorship Prize Award 

Gene Moule has won the Commercial Category in  the 2009 Epson AIPP Victorian Professional Photography Awards. 


Tess Stewart-Moore has won the  Best Work on an Environmental Theme prize at the Centre for Contemporary Photography's annual Kodak Salon exhibition and Competition.

These skilled photographers have won free printing at Bond!

Next Month...

We need your feedback! Let us know what interests you? What would you like to know more about? What can help your business grow? 

For Example:

Business development strategies

Portrait booking procedures

The perfect viewing

How to price your products and services

On Demand Pro – Help

Work flow

Studio Setup

Please email us at with topics or issues of  interest and we will do our best to provide some answers.







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